Remembering the Amazing Courage of a Selfless Hero

Not every one of us is capable of acts of heroism this self-sacrificing. It takes a strong spirit and a stronger heart to override the self preservation reflex that a human being has. You have to love others more than you love yourself. You have to believe in something bigger than yourself. I’m not saying that all of us have to be willing to jump a grenade to save the others, but perhaps we should be thinking more in that way. Let’s just STOP hating each other, criticizing each other, over stupid insignificant things. We’re a small people, and we live or die in this world as one people. Not ONE Jew is better than another, some are just better TO other Jews. Stop the sinas chinam, stop the loshon hara. This is a man who had so much to live for, but who gave his life in order for other Jews to live, in a moment, yet in a supremely thoughtful and loving fashion with clear intent: He even managed to recite the Shema with kavana. An amazing human being. I’ll never forget him. You shouldn’t either. Take on a new mitzvah, today, in his honor. Am Yisroel Chai!